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Create your own Storefront:
MixMenu is an ordering & delivery platform to empower local entrepreneurs with a new tool to create their own delivery restaurant, coffee shop, grocery stores, convenience store, liquor store & more.

Features & Benefits:
• Deliver from anywhere
Open a store wherever you are in the world. Mix Menu works wherever Stripe Payouts are available.
• Set your storefront hours
You have control of your hours and can close/open at anytime you choose. Additionally, customers can submit orders when you're closed so they'll be available to you as soon as you open.
• No Rent - No Utilities
Building a storefront on Mix Menu means you can create a business out of your home, car, delivery van, bike with a backpack and anywhere else you choose. There's no need to get expensive real estate to start selling on Mix Menu.
• Delivery Anything
You can create a storefront for anything you choose; Coffee, Groceries, Candy Bars, Ice Cream, Restaurant Orders, Liquor, Products, Services and anything else. Just make sure it's legal. We don't want anyone getting in trouble.
• Set your own Commission
We allow you to set the commission percentage that you share with Mix Menu. Our goal is to start as many storefronts as possible, so if you have tight margins and can't share a percentage with us, we understand. It's more important that you're successful and profitable.
• Categories & Subcategories
Adding categories to your storefront is very simple with Mix Menu. Once you're categories are set, you can add subcategories to help your customers easily search and find what they're looking for. You'll be able to re-order your categories in whatever order you choose.
• Video Menus
Video often sells better than a single photo. With Mix Menu, you're able to upload a video for each item you upload for sale. You can now show off your products and get creative. So start having fun with your menu items and show your customers who you really are.
• Bundled Items
We encourage creativity with your menu items and one way to do that is by creating bundled items. Happy Meals instead of a small burger & fries. Bundles provide a better experience for your customers and an opportunity to generate more revenue for your storefront.
• Sale Items
Marking an item for sale on Mix Menu is easy. Simply set your retail price with a lower current price and it will be marked on sale. We'll handle the rest from there.
• Repeat Ordering
With the click of a button, your customers can instantly re-order from you. Giving them an fast & easy way to keep coming back to your storefront.
• Scheduled Ordering
Customers are able to schedule an order with your storefront. If they want to order in advance, they're be able to put it on your schedule.
• Delivery Team
You'll be able to add multiple team members to your storefront that can earn tips & delivery fees directly from Mix Menu. We'll handle the entire transaction and split the revenue.
• Delivery Fees
Set your own delivery fees. You can charge any price per mile and set a minimum delivery fee as well. You're 100% in control of your delivery fees.
• Maximum Delivery Distance
You'll be able to limit how far you're willing to deliver. We'll automatically cancel all deliveries over that distance.
• Free Delivery
Mix Menu allows you to offer free delivery for orders over a certain amount or orders within a certain distance. For example, you can offer free delivery for orders over $100 or orders within 1 mile delivery.
• Takeout & Pickup
Let your customers pickup their order for free. If you don't have a physical location, you can leave this option turned off.
• Ask for Tips
Some businesses require tips to pay their staff and some don't. You'll have full control over whether you ask your customers to tip or not.
• Set your Sales Taxes
When you create your storefront, you'll be able to set your sales tax percentage required by your local & state governments. We will send this revenue directly to you so you can pay your taxes accordingly.
• Order Management
Our software keeps track of each order as it progresses through the order & delivery process. You'll be able to view & manage all orders as they go through the process.
• Order Notifications
Once you verify your mobile number, we will send you a notification for each order. You'll also be notified on your storefront page for each order as well.
• No App Required
Mix Menu works 100% in your browser. There is no need to download an app to create a storefront or order from a storefront. In the future, we will be creating an app to track deliveries and send notifications, but we're 100% focused on the browser experience at this time. The web is available to everyone and apps aren't. So we choose to make Mix Menu available to everyone.

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