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   Askin Dorugu  $21.85
Thin cut sliced lamb marinated in Black Sea style sauce to get very soft and taste the best. Cooked on the grill. Served over pita bread w/ mixed green salad, rice and roasted vegetables.
   Istim Kebab  $22.45
Usually served to very special guests in Turkish homes, istim kebab is a steamed lamb shank cooked with vegetables and wrapped with sliced eggplant, topped with sliced tomatoes and peppers. Baked in the oven. Served over rice and salad.
   Sultan's Delight  $21.00
Eggplant puree prepared in a Turkish style. Topped with sauteed lamb.
   Tavuk Delight  $19.55
Eggplant puree prepared in a Turkish style. Topped with sauteed chicken and vegetables.
   Veggie Delight  $18.95
Eggplant puree prepared Turkish style. Topped with sauteed vegetables.
   Sarma Beyti  $21.00
Spiced ground lamb and veal, mixed with onion and red bell peppers. Cooked on the grill. Wrapped with lavash bread. Served with garlic yogurt, tomato sauce and Coban salad.
   Patlican Sarma (Burak's favorite)  $19.55
Eggplant is a top vegetable in Turkish cuisine. This is another plate with small Italian eggplant. Thin sliced wrapped around our famous kofte, topped with Kasar cheese. Baked in oven with tomato sauce. Served with rice and Coban salad.
   Iskender Kofte  $21.35
Very famous Turkish Iskender dish. Small piece of kofte cooked on the grill. Served over pieces of pita bread. Topped with garlic yogurt and Iskender tomato sauce. Served with mixed green salad.
   Tavuk  $18.95
Long strips of chicken breast marinated in milk. Spiced with a special sauce, cooked with butter and mixed with home cooked potatoes. Topped with yogurt and tomato sauce. Served with mixed green salad.
   Kuru Fasuyle  $18.15
Turkish white beans cooked with lamb and tomato sauce. It's very popular in Turkish households, rich and poor, everyones favorite. Served with rice and yogurt.
   Izmir Kofte  $18.15
Kofte baked in the oven with tomato sauce, topped with green peppers. Served with rice and salad.
   Kofte Plate  $18.95
Ground meat mixed with chopped onions, spices and bread crumbs. Served with roasted veggies and potato rice, and yogurt.
   Mantarli Tavuk Buftek  $19.25
Pounded chicken breast, rolled with sauteed mushrooms and onions. Spiced and baked in the oven. Topped with yogurt.
   Tas Kebab  $18.45
Traditional Turkish lamb stew. Cooked with tomatoes and onions. Served over rice.
   Firinda Patlican  $18.45
Cubed baby eggplant cooked with ground beef and lamb and spiced. Backed in the oven. Served over rice and coban salad.
   Yogurt Kebab  $22.50
Adana kebab over sauteed cubed buttered Turkish bread. Topped with special tomato sauce and yogurt. Served with coban salad.
   Firinda Sebzeli Guvec  $16.25
Traditional vegetarian home cooking dish. Fresh vegetables, cooked in the oven. Served over rice.
   Adana Kebab  $20.25
Ground lamb mixed with onions, red bell peppers, garlic and Turkish spices. Served over rice and coban salad.
   Tavuk Sote  $16.85
Marinated chicken breast, sauteed with fresh vegetables. Served with rice.

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