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ANNA'S TAQUERIA (Davis Square)

Davis Square, Somerville



Fresh, hot Flour or Wheat tortilla with choice of filling, plus rice, beans, cheese and salsa.
   Lengua Super Super Burrito  $19.63
Traditional beef tongue
   Boiled Chicken Super Super Burrito  $19.63
Boneless boiled white chicken meat, lightly seasoned
   Chicken Ranchero Super Super Burrito  $19.63
Boneless chicken with onions, tomatoes, and a variety of peppers, spicy
   Grilled Chicken Super Super Burrito  $19.63
Marinated and grilled chicken
   Chili Verde Super Super Burrito  $19.63
Braised pork, roasted with a variety of hot peppers, spicy
   Carnitas Super Super Burrito  $19.63
Roast pork with traditional Mexican style seasoning, full of flavor but not too spicy
   Steak Super Super Burrito  $19.63
Grilled steak, lightly seasoned
   Steak en Salsa Roja Super Super Burrito  $19.63
Marinated steak in a thick red chili sauce
   Al Pastor Super Super Burrito  $19.63
Marinated pork cooked on a rotisserie with pineapple and onions
   Grilled Vegetable Super Super Burrito  $19.63
Lightly seasoned onions, broccoli, corn zucchini, squash, eggplant, sweet potatoes and some seasonally available vegetables
   Bean & Rice Super Super Burrito  $19.63

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ANNA'S TAQUERIA (Davis Square) Somerville
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