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Porter Square, Cambridge



   Edamame  $5.75
Lightly salted boiled green soy beans
   Gyoza  $5.75
Steamed or fried meat & vegetable dumplings
   Shumai  $5.75
Steamed or fried shrimp dumplings
   Soft Shell Crab  $9.75
Fried soft shell crab with teriyaki sauce
   House Tofu  $5.75
Pan fried tofu with spicy sauce
   Scallion Pancake  $8.05
Pan fried wheat batter with scallions, onions and carrots with dipping sauce
   Yakitori  $6.35
Skewers of broiled chicken with scallions served with teriyaki sauce
   Tempura (vegetable or shrimp & vegetable)  $7.45
Shrimp and vegetables deep fried in batter served with tempura sauce
   Beef Negima  $8.65
Broiled thin sliced beef rolled with scallions and asparagus served with teriyaki sauce
   Agedashi Tofu  $6.95
Deep fried tofu served with bonito flakes, scallions & radish in broth
   Tatsuta-Age  $6.95
Deep fried marinated chicken with spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce
   Hamachi Kama  $13.85
Pan-fried yellowtail collar served with teriyaki sauce
   Hamachi Tempura  $10.35
Deep fried hamachi with scallion, spicy mayo, peanut sauce and teriyaki sauce
   Vegetable Croquette  $5.75

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