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Porter Square, Cambridge

Full Menu

  Kimchi Scallion Pancake  $6.95
  Edamame  $3.95
Lightly salted steamed green soybeean
  Shumai (6)  $4.95
Mini dumplings filled with minced shrimp and onion. Steamed or fried, served with mustard sauce
  Dumplings (6)  $5.95
Veggie or Pork Dumplings served fried or steamed
  Crab Rangoon (6)  $5.95
Pyramid shaped crispy dumpling skin filled with crabmeat, cheese, carrot and onion
  Crispy Veggie Spring Rolls (4)  $5.95
Filled with carrot, cabbage, celery, mushrooms and bean thread
  Pajon  $7.95
Scallion pancake with zuccini, summer squash, green and red pepper
  Kimchi Pajon  $8.95
  Seaweed Salad  $4.95
  Mixed Green Salad  $5.95
  Tofu Salad  $7.95
Steamed or fried tofu with mixed greens
  Salmon Tar Tar Salad  $7.95
Stir Fried
  Crazy Noodle  varies
  Pad See You  varies
Healthy Combo Meal
Comes With A Miso Soup
  Bulgoki Combo  $11.95
Marinated Beef
  Kalbi Combo  $11.95
Marinated Beef Short Ribs
  Tempura Combo  $11.95
Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura
  Grilled Salmon Combo  $11.95
  Chicken Teriyaki Combo  $11.95
  Spicy Chicken Combo  $11.95
  Spicy Pork Combo  $11.95
  Pork Katsu Combo  $11.95
Pork cutlet battered with a seasoned flour and fried
  Chicken Katsu Combo  $11.95
Chicken cutlet battered with a seasoned flour and fried
Korean Specialities
Comes With A Miso Soup
  Veggie Maandu Gook  $11.95
Veggie Dumpling Soup. Served with three side dishes
  Pork Maandu Gook  $11.95
Pork Dumpling soup. Served with three side dishes
  Yookea Jang  $11.95
Shredded beef and clear potato noodles in spicey soup broth.
  Bulgoki Dup Bap  $12.95
Marinated beef cooked with veggies. Served over rice with miso soup.
  Bibim Pab  $12.95
8 different seasoned veggies, marinated beef and fried egg over rice. Served with Korean spicy sauce. Miso or Hot & Sour Soup
  Salmon Tar Tar Bibim Bap  $12.95
Udon (noodle Soup)
  Wakme Udon (Seaweed)  $7.95
  Veggie Udon  $8.95
Broccoli, Zuccini, Squash, Mushroom and Napa
  Veggie Tempura Udon  $8.95
Broccoli, String Bean, Sweet Potato and Napa
  Shrimp Tempura Udon  $8.95
  Shrimp & Veggie Tempura Udon  $9.95
Fried Rice
  Veggie Fried Rice  $8.95
  Tofu Fried Rice  $8.95
  Kimchi Fried Rice  $8.95
  Chicken Fried Rice  $8.95
  Pork Fried Rice  $8.95
  Beef Fried Rice  $9.95
  Shrimp Fried Rice  $9.95
Pad Thai
  Veggie Pad Thai  $8.95
  Tofu Pad Thai  $8.95
  Chicken Pad Thai  $8.95
  Shrimp Pad Thai  $9.95
  Chicken & Shrimp Pad Thai  $9.95
Soon Duboo (soft Tofu Stew)
Served W/3 Side Dishes & A Raw Egg
  New England Soon DuBoo (Lobster)  $12.95
  Alaska Soon BuBoo (Salmon)  $11.95
  Seafood Soon DuBoo (Shrimp, Clam and Scallop)  $12.95
  Mixed Soon DuBoo (Shrimp, Clam and Beef)  $12.95
  Beef Soon DuBoo  $11.95
  Pork Soon DuBoo  $11.95
  Veggie Soon DuBoo  $11.95
  Kimchi Soon DuBoo  $11.95
Side Orders
  Kimchi Set  $1.50
White and red kimchi
  Rice  $1.95
White or brown rice
  Miso Soup  $1.95
  Kalbi (2)  $6.95
  Bulgoki (10oz.)  $6.95
  Shrimp and Veggie Tempura (2 Shrimp, 4 Veggie)  $6.95
 Poland Spring Water (16 oz)     $1.99
 Poland Spring Carbonated (16 oz)     $1.99
 Pepsi (20 oz Bottle)     $1.99
 Diet Pepsi (20 oz Bottle)     $1.99
 Ginger Ale (12 oz Can)     $1.99
 Sprite (12 oz Can)     $1.99
 Arizona Green Iced Tea (23.5 oz)     $2.50

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